Venture FX

Hi. I’m Tim and I’m a Methodist Venture FX pioneer. Along with a number of other pioneers across the country, I’ve been asked to rethink mission and church in order to help people with no church connection engage with Christian spirituality.

Out of this work has emerged a number of initiatives. Most notably is a local community known as Garden-City, which over the last few years has seen around 45 people from a variety of faith backgrounds and none begin to explore what it means to follow Jesus.

Nomad Podcast has also emerged, which is an online community that centres around a twice monthly podcast. Many thousands of people around the world tune in, and connect through social media. The community is largely composed of disillusioned Christians who are struggling to stay connected to the Church and traditional forms of faith. This online community is also increasing forming offline community, with a recent weekend Gathering, and regular Listener Groups. You can find out more by visiting